Terms and Conditions

(Last modified on Feb. 3rd, 2023)

These General Conditions of Use (hereinafter the “General Conditions of Use” or “CGU”) define the conditions for the use of the Services for virtual dating between people online for private purposes (hereinafter the ” Services”) offered by Yop Meet.

By registering on the website of Yop Meet and clicking on “Continue”, the user (hereinafter “the User”) declares to have read and to have accepted the General Conditions of Use of Yop Meet, of which the provisions relating to the “Protection of Personal Data which he therefore undertakes to respect. The General Conditions of Use govern all relations between the parties.

For all Users of Yop Meet using the site (hereinafter the “Site”), only the General Conditions of Use apply, regardless of the country of registration or use of the Services.

Persons who have not yet reached the age of 18 are not permitted to use the Services.

1. Object of the contract

1.1. The subject of the contract between the User and Yop Meet covers both free services (“Free Services”) and paid services (“Paying Services”). Before using Paid Services, the User is informed that the Services concerned are paid for and that payment is due when ordering. Yop Meet offers the User the following Services in particular:

Performing a personality test;

Development of a profile resulting from the personality test using the indications provided by the User as part of the personality test. The User here not only learns valuable information about him, but also gets a description of his ideal partner;

Registration of the User in the user database of Yop Meet and management of the User’s data;

Ability to make contact with another user of Yop Meet

1.2. The object of Yop Meet is neither marriage counseling nor marriage brokerage with a view to the realization of a marriage or the establishment of a stable union. The relationship between Yop Meet and the User cannot be analyzed as a relationship of dependence or an employment contract.

1.3. Yop Meet offers his Services for exclusively private purposes. By registering, the User undertakes to use the Services only for exclusively private and non-commercial purposes.

2. Use of the Services and conclusion of the contract

2.1. Registration and Access to Free Services.

To be able to register and have access to the Services, the User must have minimum technical skills, internet access and computer equipment that is correctly configured and sufficiently efficient to access the Services, which is the case if the User has been able to read these. The use of the Services is possible as soon as the User has registered on the Site. To register, the User chooses a username, under which the other Users of Yop Meet will get to know him, as well as a personal and strictly confidential password. The indication of the User’s e-mail address is only used to contact Yop Meet with the User, the references of this e-mail are not transmitted to other users of Yop Meet .

2.2. When registering, the User declares to accept the General Conditions of Use and to be of legal age, that is to say to be at least eighteen years old.

2.3. As a result of this registration, a first contract of indefinite duration is formed (contract relating to Free Services) between Yop Meet and the User, subject to the General Conditions of Use.

2.4. Access to Paid Services

By ordering Paid Services, the Registered User concludes with Yop Meet a separate contract from that resulting from the registration referred to above, (affiliation known as “Premium Access”), to which the General Conditions of Use also apply. The User is informed before the formation of this contract of the paying nature of these Services, the prices in force as well as the methods of payment. This other contract is formed by the acceptance of the commitment to pay by the User on the page of the Site / the corresponding Application, by means of a simple click in the “confirmation” box.

2.5. The User guarantees that the information provided during registration, as well as during any subsequent order, is accurate.

2.6. In addition, Yop Meet reserves the right to block access to the Services to a User, if the latter uses the Services in an illegal manner, in violation of one or more rights of third parties or in violation of the obligations subscribed hereunder. Blocking access for the aforementioned reasons does not change the obligations to pay for the Paid Services ordered by the blocked User. Any payment already made to Yop Meet is in this case not reimbursed up to CHF 350.00, but retained as a penalty clause and this, without prejudice to any claim for damages which Yop Meet may claim. In addition, the User will owe the difference between the sum already paid by him and the sum of CHF 350.00 if he has only paid an amount lower than CHF 350.00. The payment of this penalty does not release the customer from his contractual obligations. In all cases Yop Meet retains the possibility of claiming damages.

3. Services and scope of services

3.1. The Services begin, after the User’s registration, with a personality test. This test consists of a series of questions relating to the personality traits of the User and to which the User must answer.

3.2. Based on the User’s responses, Yop Meet establishes in electronic form a personalized User profile resulting from the test. This profile is communicated to the User.

3.3. The User’s answers, the result of the test established from these answers and the other personal data of the User are recorded in the database of Yop Meet, and compared with the data of other Users of Yop Meet. This comparison is made on the basis of a mathematical algorithm (calculation process), which leads to cross-checking of information establishing the compatibility of the profiles of two or more Users.

3.4. The result of this operation is communicated to the User in the form of a list of summary profiles of other Users of Yop Meet who match him the most.

3.5. The User can then get in touch with these other Users of Yop Meet who are offered to him. Yop Meet, however, only authorizes direct contact between Users subject to the reciprocal agreement of these Users. Such an agreement can be established when a User sends his summary profile to another User selected by him (hereinafter a “contact”). This other User can then decide to respond or not. Is also considered as making contact within the meaning of the present, the fact for a User to express the wish to enter into contact with another User. Communication between Users takes place through Yop Meet’s internal messaging system.

3.6. The ability to make contact and the transmission of messages are part of the Paid Services, unless otherwise decided upon conclusion of the contract.

3.7. This option of making contact and transmitting messages through the internal communication system of Yop Meet can be purchased by the User for a duration agreed individually contractually (eg for 3 months or 6 months) (here- after “the term of the contract relating to the Paid Services”).

This duration is not understood in calendar months, but from date to date (e.g. from February 15 to March 15), the day to be taken into account for the expiry of the period, being the last existing day of the month during whose term expires (e.g. a 3-month term started on November 30, will expire on February 28 of the following year).

3.8. Before accessing the Paid Services, the User is expressly informed of his obligation to pay the price corresponding to these Services. The price, the scope of the services and the methods of payment respectively in force, are specified within the framework of each order procedure. After finalization of the payment phase and after communication of his complete address, the User can begin to use the Paid Services.

3.9. Yop Meet cannot guarantee the veracity of the information transmitted by the Users in the personality test.

Yop Meet cannot in any way guarantee the result of the contacts.

3.10 The service provided by Yop Meet is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in principle. The availability rate is 99.5% on an annual basis. This excludes downtime for maintenance or software updates, as well as factors beyond the control of Yop Meet, such as the unavailability of internet access for which the responsibility lies with a third party or in the event force majeure. Yop Meet recommends its customers to use the latest technology (browser) and to adjust browser settings correctly (enable Java script, cookies and context menus) in order to optimize their experience on the site.

3.11 The User is aware and accepts that all the content he downloads on the site/application of Yop Meet can be consulted by the members appearing in his list of recommendations, even in the event that the other members have subscribed to the services of Yop Meet through other sites/applications of the company or its partners. In return, the User benefits from the advantages of this central database of Yop Meet by benefiting from the services offered through various domains, allowing him to receive a list of partners.

4. Communications between Users and Yop Meet

4.1. The communications sent from Yop Meet to the customer are carried out either by screen displays after “Connection”, that is to say after the customer has entered his username and password, or by email to the email address provided by the customer during registration or to the one currently registered in his profile.

4.2. Communications from the client must be sent to Yop Meet by email to the address indicated on the Yop Meet website (e.g.: [email protected]). If a contact is made by email, for reasons of explicit identification and protection against abuse, it is imperative that all emails from the customer are sent from the address provided by the latter at the time of registration or from the one currently registered in his profile.

5. Liability of Yop Meet

5.1. Yop Meet is in no way responsible for the veracity of the information transmitted by the Users within the framework of the personality test. Consequently, Yop Meet cannot be held responsible for the results of the test or the comparison of the profiles, insofar as these are directly based on the information transmitted by the Users.

5.2. Direct contact between Users takes place only on the basis of mutual consent. Yop Meet is not responsible if, during the term of the contract, no contact is made. However, Yop Meet undertakes to make its best efforts to facilitate contact between Users, by implementing the technical means it deems most appropriate.

5.3. Yop Meet disclaims all liability in the event of use of the Services, data or information in violation of the prohibitions contained herein (see also paragraph 6. User Obligations below). Yop Meet is not, moreover, responsible for the use of the Services, data or information by a third party contrary to the present, in particular if the User has himself allowed this third party to access these information.

5.4. Yop Meet does not guarantee that the operation of the Site will be continuous at all times nor does it guarantee the constant and uninterrupted availability of the Services. Indeed, the operation of the Services may be temporarily interrupted in the event of maintenance, updates or technical improvements, or to change the content and/or presentation of the Services and the responsibility of Yop Meet cannot be searched for. These operations generally take place during periods of low traffic on the Site (i.e. between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Swiss time, except for urgent maintenance). In addition, Yop Meet cannot be held responsible for any malfunction or total or partial unavailability of the Services. which would be attributable to a failure of the supplier of the upstream provider.

5.5. Yop Meet is not responsible in the event of unauthorized access by third parties to the personal data of Users, in particular through unauthorized access by “hackers” to the database, it being specified, however, that Yop Meet has taken security measures appropriate to the data processed.

5.6. Furthermore, Yop Meet can only be held liable in the event of proven breach by Yop Meet of its contractual obligations, but only for damages which are directly attributable to it, in particular in the event that the damage has multiple causes.

5.7. In all other cases, in particular in the event that the liability of Yop Meet is sought as a result of a breach by a User of his obligations under the terms hereof or of the Law, the liability of Yop Meet is expressly excluded.

6. Obligations of the User

6.1. The User is solely responsible for all the information he communicates to Yop Meet and other Users, in particular sensitive data concerning him, such as his religion, race, sexual orientation, etc. and expressly consents, by providing this information, to the processing of this data. He guarantees that this information corresponds to the truth and describes him personally. The User is prohibited from intentionally using data or information concerning a third party. Mentioning erroneous information intentionally or with fraudulent intent, in particular by providing the bank details or credit card data of a third party without their consent, may lead to legal proceedings.

The User undertakes to constantly update the information communicated to Yop Meet, in particular the indication of the data allowing him to be contacted and to guarantee payments. .

Yop Meet can, without this being an obligation, verify that the content of User profiles, including photos imported by download, comply with applicable laws and the T&Cs. In addition, Yop Meet may, to the extent necessary, refuse content, modify it to make it comply with applicable law or the T&Cs and even delete it.

6.2. The User undertakes not to communicate any information concerning him, in particular his name, his address, his e-mail, the Site, his telephone and fax numbers unless this information is expressly requested by Yop Meet.

6.3. The User undertakes to treat confidentially the data of other Users (in particular the name, the address, the e-mail address, the Site, the telephone and fax numbers), the e-mails, as well as the other messages and communications that he may have obtained when using the Services and not to make them available or communicate them to a third party (including another User) without the prior consent of their author or holder. This includes in particular the use of the video chat option, which is available in certain countries and is part of the Premium Access.

6.4. The User is prohibited from using the Services for professional or commercial purposes and guarantees that he does not want to use the data of third parties entrusted to him, for commercial purposes or contrary to the provisions hereof. The User undertakes when he sends messages to other Users, not to pursue any other purpose than personal communication, in particular not to promote, nor offer for sale, goods or services. Services. The User also undertakes not to send in particular “chain letters or emails”. This includes in particular the use of the video chat option, which is available in certain countries and is part of the Premium Access.

6.5. The User undertakes not to use the Site in an abusive manner, in particular not to use the Services for the following purposes, including through hypertext links (this includes in particular the use of the video chat option, which is available in some countries and is part of the Premium Access):

to distribute content that is defamatory, immoral, pornographic or illegal for any reason whatsoever;
to threaten or annoy people or violate their rights;
to promise or demand money or performance having monetary value.

The User further agrees:

not to import, by downloading, on the Site data containing a virus (infected software);
not to import by downloading on the Site data or other content belonging to third parties and protected by rights such as intellectual property rights, unless the User is the holder or has obtained the the prior agreement of the holder of these rights to use them on the Site;
not to use the Services in a way that could affect the availability of the Services and thus harm other Users or carry out any operation that could harm the availability of the Services;
not to hack e-mails and not to seek to do so.

6.6. Non-compliance by the User with one of his obligations mentioned in paragraphs 1 to 5 above may result in the early termination of the contract by Yop Meet, with blocking of access to the Services, Yop Meet reserving the right to apply the provisions of article 2.6 above. Yop Meet also reserves the right to initiate any civil and/or criminal legal action against the User and to request the allocation of damages.

6.7. In the event that the User has directly or indirectly used the Services for professional or commercial purposes, or has used the information and data entrusted to him for commercial purposes (see paragraph 4 above), he will be obliged to pay – independently of any damages and interest -, for each breach found, an amount of CHF 2,500.00 which constitutes a penalty clause. The payment of this penalty does not release the customer from his contractual obligations.

6.8. The User agrees to fully guarantee and indemnify Yop Meet against all legal actions, all claims for damages, all losses and all claims resulting from its registration on the Site and the use services. In particular, the User releases Yop Meet from all liability and obligations, for damages caused by Users due to abusive, obscene, offensive, violent, political, racist or xenophobic remarks, insults, defamatory remarks, and in general any content contrary to the purpose of Yop Meet, the laws and regulations in force, the rights of individuals, privacy, good morals, the impossibility of using the Services because of another User, infringement of intellectual property or other rights. In addition, the User releases Yop Meet from any liability and any claim related to the User’s non-compliance with these terms.

6.9. The User must consult, at regular and reasonable intervals, the messages addressed to him, respond to them, and if necessary, archive them on his own computer or on another data storage medium.

Yop Meet is authorized to delete all messages stored in the User’s account after expiry of a period of ninety (90) days following their sending or receipt, without notice or prior authorisation.

Yop Meet is justified – even without notice or prior authorization – in erasing from its database Users who have not used the Free Services for more than six (6) months. This measure serves on the one hand to protect the User’s data, insofar as Yop Meet can assume that at the end of this period the User is no longer interested in the conservation of its data. This measure also serves to clean up the Yop Meet database of inactive Users – and in this way to improve the Services.

7. Information on data protection, data processing and cookies

Our data protection declaration can be found on the Yop Meet website.

8. Termination, extension of the contract and interruption of the Services

8.1. Termination

a) The User may, at any time, terminate the contract with Yop Meet relating to Free Services . The termination of this contract occurs automatically by clicking on the “Delete my profile” link on the Site / Application.

Yop Meet, for his part, terminate this contract by giving two (2) weeks’ notice without prejudice, in the event of the User’s fault, i.e. in the event of non-compliance with any of its obligations hereunder or of the law, the right of Yop Meet to terminate or block a User’s access without notice. Yop Meet will indicate in his notification of termination the reasons for this termination.

b) The termination of the contract relating to Paid Services purchased through the website must be notified to Yop Meet fourteen (14) calendar days before the expiry of the current term of the contract – or, within the time indicated if another deadline was indicated during the purchase .

Yop Meet wants to make the termination process clear to his clients. Termination can be done in several ways, either directly under “settings” in the customer profile, or via a click here (following the instructions for terminating Premium access) . The customer may also choose to terminate other than by the above methods by sending an explicit written statement signed as an attachment to an email. To avoid any ambiguity and to guard against abuse, it is imperative that the customer always gives his full name, the country in which the services of Yop Meet are used, his e-mail address registered with Yop Meet legibly (CAPITAL LETTER). The termination request can be sent as an email attachment to ( [email protected] ).

The termination of the contract subscribed through the payment system of Yop Meet will be carried out under the terms of paragraph 9. (1) above.
A contract relating to Paid Services cannot be terminated by simply deleting the profile. If a User deletes his profile within the framework of Paid Services, this has no effect on the contract. By deleting his profile, the User only renounces to avail himself of a right which has already been paid for but not yet used. This means that the User will not be reimbursed for the sums ordered and already paid. A written termination of the contract entered into through the website – as indicated above -, is in any case essential.

8.2. Contract renewal

The contract concerning Paid Services purchased through the website is automatically renewed by tacit agreement, for the duration agreed upon during the initial order (as long as the User has not terminated his contract in writing by respecting the notice mentioned above in Article 8 (1) b) – and in accordance with the conditions mentioned therein.

In the event of trials, advertising or equivalent actions, it is possible to derogate from this rule of tacit renewal mentioned above. In this case, the User is informed in advance of the duration of the trial, of his right to terminate, and otherwise of automatic renewal.

When ordering Paid Services, the User is informed of the duration of the contract, the date on which it takes effect and the duration of the renewal if his notification of termination does not occur within the agreed deadlines.

The consumer is obliged to deactivate the automatic renewal himself within the prescribed period.

The renewal of the contracts subscribed through the payment system of Yop Meet is carried out under the terms of the rules set out in paragraph 9. (2) above.

8.3. Interruption of Services

Yop Meet is authorized to interrupt all or part of the Services subject to notifying the User in advance, respecting at least two (2) weeks’ notice, of his intention to interrupt all or part of the Services, mentioning on this occasion the extent of the interrupted Services.

Users, who at the time of the interruption of the Services, paid to have a right to the provision of Services but who have not yet exhausted this right, are entitled to request, according to the methods provided for in article 9.1, reimbursement on a pro rata basis for the time during which they have not been able to use the Services. In the event of a valid complaint, Yop Meet undertakes to reimburse, by any means, the sums due to the User in this regard as soon as possible and within a maximum of 30 days.

9. User complaints and late payment

10.1 Complaints concerning the sums debited or invoiced must be reported in writing, substantiated and sent by email to the addresses mentioned in article 4.1., within six (6) weeks of the debit. sums subject of the complaint or from receipt of the invoice. Failing this, the sums withdrawn or invoiced are considered as having been recognized as due or acquired to Yop Meet by the User.

In the event of presentation of a justified complaint, Yop Meet offers the User either to reimburse him for the amount paid, or to extend the Paid Services. The duration of this extension corresponds to the period for which the User will have been able to justify his complaint.

The User may, moreover, grant an additional period of five (5) working days to Yop Meet to remedy its breach and obtain performance of the contract in accordance with the agreed provisions. If the reason for the complaint has not disappeared after expiry of this additional period, the User may terminate the contract for Paid Services. Reimbursement of the unused credit balance then takes place in accordance with article 8.3.

However, if the impossibility of using the Services was for less than 48 hours, no compensation will be due by Yop Meet.

The User may set off any claims against Yop Meet or assert a right of retention of sums payable to Yop Meet if his claim has been established by a court decision that has become final, is not contested or was recognized by Yop Meet.

9.2 Yop Meet reserves the right, in the event of non-compliance by the User with the agreed terms of payment (default of payment or late payment by the User) such as in the event of cancellation of a payment by credit card or automatic direct debit or not, to use a debt collection agency, the corresponding costs then being borne by the User. Yop Meet also reserves the right to claim default interest at the legal rate from the sending of a formal notice.

Yop Meet also reserves the right to demand (without prejudice to any other legal or contractual right) , the reimbursement of bank charges billed to Yop Meet due to an unjustified cancellation of a payment by credit card. or unjustified opposition to collection by direct debit.

Payments made through Yop Meet’s payment system are subject to paragraphs 10. (1) and (2) above.

10. Intellectual Property

10.1 All texts (including these General Conditions of Use), presentations, IT developments, Services, processes, software, technologies, brands, logos, trade names, visuals (graphics, images, etc.), videos, inventions and all other content disseminated, accessible on the Site or underlying its operation, are the exclusive property of Yop Meet, which is the sole holder of all exploitation rights over the aforementioned works. Their use is exclusively authorized for the sole purposes mentioned in these General Conditions of Use. Their reproduction, distribution, downloading or otherwise is strictly prohibited, as long as it is not expressly authorized by Yop Meet.

10.2 The User expressly authorizes Yop Meet to distribute the content that it puts online on the Site, such as photos and videos, and to this end, to reproduce, represent, translate, adapt, by any means, on any medium. , for the whole world and for the duration of the contract as well as to modify and adapt the said contents in order to make them compliant with the law applicable hereto, to the technical means implemented and to the Site to technically allow their use.

11. Modification of the General Conditions of Use

11.1 Yop Meet may at any time modify these General Conditions of Use. Yop Meet will inform the User of the modification of the General Conditions of Use by email or via the internal communication system of Yop Meet one month before its entry into force. On this occasion Yop Meet can simply indicate the page of the Site on which the new version of the General Conditions of Use can be consulted, without having to attach the complete text. If the User does not object, in writing, to the application of these modifications within one month from the communication of the information, the modified General Conditions of Use will be deemed to have been accepted by the User. ‘ User and will apply from the day of expiry of the one-month period. However, Yop Meet undertakes to inform the User in the communication relating to his ability to terminate the contract without penalty and without compensation, up to four months after the entry into force of the modification, if he has not expressly accepted the modifications.

11.2 In the event that the User opposes the application of the modified General Conditions of Use, the General Conditions of Use originally agreed will continue to apply to him. However, Yop Meet reserves the right in this case to terminate the provision of Free Services without delay and, with regard to Paid Services, Yop Meet reserves the right not to renew the contract beyond the initial term. agreed. The contract relating to these Free or Paid Services ends in this case at the end of the period initially agreed. Yop Meet will inform the User of this termination, no later than seven (7) days before the expiry of the term of the contract.

12. Miscellaneous

12.1 Yop Meet is authorized to subcontract to third party service providers of its choice all or part of its Services, insofar as this is not likely to harm the User.

12.2 If certain provisions of the Terms of Commercial Use should be considered null, unenforceable, invalidated or incomplete, the validity of the other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Business and of the contract shall not be affected. In this case, the law will replace this provision.

12.3 These are governed by Switzerland law, excluding the law of conflict of laws.

12.4 The fact for one or other of the parties not to take advantage of a breach by the other party of any of the obligations referred to in the T&Cs cannot be interpreted as a waiver of the obligation in cause.

12.5 The User has the possibility when concluding the contract, to access and save in a reproducible form the contractual provisions which are applicable to him, including the General Conditions of Use.

12.6 Yop Meet whose registered office is located in Switzerland, is responsible for the Services.

Yop Meet is a service own by a company subject to Switzerland law, registered with the IDE CHE-107.916.099

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